West Company was founded in 2007, The aim of the company and the nature of the business is to contribute to investment of capital in the field of construction and constructions so as to achieve the development of the aspect of the national economy is among the plans, rules and regulations, and the central rules and regulations in force in the Kurdistan Region

Company Capabilities

From the activites of the company to do business for construction and restoration that include work on building houses, industry, school construction, water plants, and the hospitals also the government departments and they rebuild them and create touristic parks, gardens and create dams and open roads and other actions that enter within the jurisdiction of the company and all the business it requires and to enter tenders and undertakings within the company’s activity and include the works of the region by creating, expanding, demolishing buildings of all kinds, roads, brdiges, airports, irrigation projects, houses, ports, sewer works and other constructional works that enter the specialty department of the company.